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Who would take a school trip or plan a group trip coach hire in today’s ‘compensation culture’ society?

Embarking further than the school gates with groups of young people, or a crowd of passengers is an increasingly terrifying prospect, given the alarm caused by highly publicized disasters and the explosion of paperwork that accompanies such events.

1400000 passengers every year can't be wrong!

Despite this, every year, around a 1.4 million passengers take excursions with Belle Vue and return fit and well, with a new enthusiasm for one another.

“There is no doubt,” said one teacher, “that trips are entirely worthwhile - they can have the effect of transforming one’s relationship with children. You have a chance to experience each other with the defences down and make contact on a human level that school often precludes.”  is an attraction guide created by Belle Vue (Manchester) Ltd to assist classroom assistants, schoolteachers and group organisers in helping them choose a suitable attraction to visit by coach that meets the expectations of the group, gets them there and back safely and saves a few pounds on the budget.

We’ve done all the hard work for you in gaining up to date information on the best attractions around, at the best prices. Our coach travel and attraction entrance packages are something to save you a few pounds on your budget and also create a one stop shop making the research and booking process simple for a group organizer.

Belle Vue are a UK leading bus and coach hire company based in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

We operate 70 vehicles across the UK and Europe and have hundreds of coach operator partners strategically located across the UK to provide a comprehensive Coach Hire Management System for any passenger transport by road, from a simple chauffeur-driven car to a multi-vehicle event engaging thousands of passengers.

Our fast growing, award winning business is built on a set of core values that bring safety and compliance to our fleet, training and development to our team, and communication with our clients to provide a transport system by road that is safer, cleaner and greener.

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We’d love to be a part of your next travel adventure.

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