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Coach Trips to The Heights of Abraham in Derbyshire

The Cable Car

Originally the Heights of Abraham was only accessible to visitors who could scale the steep slopes of Masson Hill. In 1984 Britain's first alpine style cable car transport system was installed. Rising from the valley floor, the observation cars transport you in comfort and safety and allow stunning views of the Derwent Valley and surrounding Peak District.

Show Caverns

Your guide will take you on a fascinating journey through our spectacular cavern system as it winds its way deep underground and into the hillside.

Cavern tours run at regular intervals throughout the day. Times are advertised at the entrance.

Tinker's Shaft

The spectacular viewing platform provides an opportunity to imagine Masson Hill as it once was... a hive of industrial activity. Beneath is the mine shaft and a vertical drop into the Great Masson Cavern.

Opening Times:

6 February - 21 FebruaryDaily
22 February - 11 MarchWeekends Only
12 March - 30 OctoberDaily

Cable Car Costs:

Child (5 - 16 years inclusive )£10.50

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