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Coach Trips to Jorvik Viking Centre

Educational Content:


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The York Archaeological Trust's specifically designed workshop programme aims to spark pupils' interest in the past by exploring a variety of fun and interesting themes.

Viking Fashion
Learn about the clothing that Vikings wore and find out why they wore them. Includes braiding activity.

Viking Medicines
Meet our Viking Cunning Woman and learn how plants were used as medicines during the Viking Age. Pupils can help mix remedies that would have been used by Vikings and are still used today.

Viking Battle Tactics
Discover what weapons the Vikings used and why. Watch Viking combat and have the chance to get involved.

Viking Sagas
Our new Viking Saga workshop is designed to promote interest in Viking myths, sagas and poetry. A costumed Viking will help you understand the important role of the storyteller and skald in Viking society. Listen to stories and poetry heard by Vikings over a thousand years ago, help re-enact a myth about Thor and his hammer and have fun with Viking riddles or kennings'.


Jorvik Viking Centre




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