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Coach Trips to Kilnsey Park

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Come and explore the Kilnsey Park! It’s great fun with lots to see and do! The first thing you will notice is all of the wildlife wandering freely around the Park. You’ll see the ducks, geese, hens and guinea fowl everywhere you go! Remember to bring some bread with you for the ducks and geese! When you set off on the Kilnsey Trail the first thing you’ll see are the mini diggers and sand pit. Adults are definitely not allowed!

Next stop is the giant trout. You’ll have been given a bag of fish food and this is a fun place to feed them and watch them jump about in the water. Moving on you’ll see the goats Bonnie and Clyde up high on their skyway which is their own adventure playground! And just beside them are the red squirrels in the first of their two enclosures.

Next door to the red squirrels you’ll find lambs during the spring time. Stop and take a look at the Yorkshire stone walls. You’ll go past the trout raceway - so have a look and see how many fish you can see! Then as you dodge past the hens and guinea fowl cross the bridge to take a look at how we make our own green electricity.Running up the hill you’ll soon reach the second of the red squirrel enclosures.

Then a butterfly garden very close to a pond where more giant rainbow trout live. Keep on going even further up the hill and you’ll be able to visit Tiggy and Wiggy, our kune kune pigs. At the very top you’ll see the source of the spring where the water gushes out of the hillside - and see where the cave divers having been going into explore the caves behind Kilnsey Park.

On the way back down the hill, don't forget to call into the honey bee observation house! We have a special glass sided hive so you can see inside the hive! Try and spot the queen bee!


Kilnsey Park



North Yorkshire

BD23 5PS

(01756) 752150

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