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Coach Trips to Skipton Castle

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Young visitors can explore every corner of this splendidly preserved medieval castle, which withstood a three-year siege during the Civil War. They will find out about the individuals and events that have shaped the castle from Norman times to the present day.

Skipton Castle offers National Curriculum related activities and worksheets for History, Science, Technology and Geography.

Our experienced guides lead tours to stimulate pupils' imagination, sharpen their observational and deductive skills and increase their enjoyment of the past. Talks span many areas of the curriculum and include discussions on:

  • Medieval warfare/castle defence

  • Building materials and techniques

  • Medieval and Tudor architecture

  • The Castle's role in the Wars of the Roses and the Civil War

  • 'Butcher' Clifford and his family, and their links with Royalty

  • Coats of Arms

  • The Household and its servants

  • Heating/lighting/water supplies

  • Medieval and Tudor cookery.


Skipton Castle,


North Yorkshire

BD23 1AW

01756 792442

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